Medical tourism at the heart of Europe – Hungary

Hungary is a real great power among European countries in medical tourism. Various healthcare services attract tens of thousands of health tourists to Budapest each year and their number constantly increasing. The most popular treatments among international patients are dentistry, plastic and orthopaedic surgery, fertility treatments, obesity treatments, cardiac rehabilitation, addiction programs and hair transplantation and eye surgery. Hungary joined the EU in 2004.

The country’s major advantage over competitors is the lower cost of treatments and patient service at a reliable professional level. Western European and US clients can easily afford to fly to Hungary, undergo treatment, enjoy the culture, the sights and shopping offers in Budapest and still save up to 40-70% on what they would have to pay in the UK, USA and Scandinavian countries.

How medical tourism developed in the past 40 years

The succes story began in the 80s when Hungary was the first in Europe to treat cross-border dental patients mainly from Austria and Germany who were happy to find top-quality dental service at a fraction of the price than in their home countries.

Since Hungary joined the European Union in 2004, medical tourism has become more varied and even more international and it is still in its developing period. It is also a widely recognized fact that Hungary has one of the most demanding medical and dental educations in the world. Many Hungarian specialists are invited to teach and practice internationally and 25% of all medical students at Hungarian universites come from abroad.

One thing is for sure: if you decide for Hungary to combine your medical treatment and a pleasant family vacation, you will not be disappointed. So many people cannot be wrong. Hereunder we sum up the facts why it is worth chosing Hungary as your medical tourism destination.

Hair travels and dental holidays to Budapest, Hungary

Due to its ideal location situated in the heart of Europe, Hungary is easily accessed by low-cost flights from all over Europe.

Service staff have good language skills. You can be assured that a good standrad of English (and/or German) is spoken at all private clinics and hotels.

Hungarian medical training is world-class. Doctors and specialists must fulfil the requirement of an average of 50 hours of further education each year in order to be able to continue their practice which is twice as many hours as in most Western countries.

Hungarian clinics and dental institutions must comply with a number of accreditation and licence schemes from the Hungarian Ministry of Health and the National Health Commission and Medical Service. Hungarian dental regulations are considered to be the strictest in the world.

Hair transplants in Budapest: cost, quality, procedure

Budapest hair clinics were among the first institutions adopting FUE hair transplant method in 2010 and several of the plastic surgery clinics started to create packages for hair restoration patients from UK, Ireland and France. Hair replacement has become an affordable hair lsos surgery and many patients from abroad can save up to 60-70% on their local hair implantation costs.

Foreign patients find internationally competitive prices thanks to the favourable exchange rate and at the same time private clinincs guarantee the highest Western European quality. All medical institutions in the private sector put a great emhasis on investing heavily in their technical facilites and treatments to keep the market leader position in Europe.

Wether you are budget-minded or looking for a luxury travel, you can find it in Hungary. City hostels through award winning spa hotels to luxury five star hotels all wait for you to spend some unforgettable days in them. Get a fair hair assessment during our consultation in the UK and Ireland.