About Hair Transplant UK

At our hair transplant clinic in Budapest we aim to help male patients to recover reduced hairline by transplanting hair from the donor area to the recepient bald part of the head. Hair restoration has developed so much in the past 5 years that the procedure is painless, the micro scars heal quickly and optimal hair growth is achieved after 8-12 months depending on the individual’s body chemistry.

Effective, painless and scarfree results guarantee a high self-esteem development after the ususal 1 day long hair surgery in Budapest, Hungary. The actual hair replacement process takes a day or two – patients need to calculate an extra day before (for arrival and consultation) and another day after the hair surgery when they get ready for the flight back to their home town in the UK or Irealand.

Why UK / Irish men should consider Hungary for hair restoration?

There are many reasons supporting this:

  • price advantage (patients save about 60% on their treatment)
  • affordable costs starting from €2000 (about 2000 hair implants)
  • easy of access (budget airlines several times a week to Budapest, Hungary)
  • professional, experienced team of Hungarian hair surgeons
  • surgeons use the latest FUE2 SafeSystem technology
  • everybody on staff speaks English
  • we offer guarantee in writing
  • no hidden fees
  • free consultation is available in the UK (7 places) and Ireland (Dublin)
  • we organise everything for you (accommodation, transfers, guidance)

Read our hair loss guide and advice on how to cope with a reduced hairline. Read about the pitfalls of hair recovery remedies, hair transplant procedures on our pages. Also we provide a practical guide on choosing a hair transplant centre in the UK.